The Proof Has Arrived!

After months of editing, re-editing and editing some more (I did not realize the amount of time and patience that goes into book editing) I finally received my proof (sample) of Feminine Transitions this evening. Talk about excited! I rushed home to retrieve my FedEx package after receiving an email notification that it has been “delivered”.

Feminine Transitions hardcover book
Feminine Transitions proof

There are a few corrections needed of course. That’s the main purpose of the proof (to change any errors…and edit once more:). Thankfully the alterations are minor and have already been revised.

Feminine Transitions frontis page
Feminine Transitions frontis page

This has not been an easy journey but I must say my perseverance, along with the help of my supporters, made this possible. I could have easily given up after the first, second or third failed fundraising campaign, or after EVERY company/organization decided not to sponsor my project. Trust me when I say, it crossed my mind many times but it can’t see making that an option.

Despite the many bumps in the road, I pushed through the challenges and manifested a dream (literally). How powerful is that? This is not the end, but only the beginning. Marketing is a whole new ballgame. Wish me the best!

Page  14-15 in Feminine Transitions.
Page 14-15 in Feminine Transitions.

All copies will be available in approximately 4-6 weeks. For those of you that choose a perk that included a copy of Feminine Transitions, I’ll have it ready for shipment as soon as it arrives.

I will keep you posted on the progress. Thanks again for your contribution!

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