Trusting the Universe

I’m consciously aware that when life doesn’t flow the way I picture it, I tend to retreat (as I figure out alternative options). For me, those quiet times, helps me to re-cooperate. And although short lived, those moments always brings about great change.

In my previous blog, I shared my frustration with grant funding and the set back incurred due to my slower than expected pace (the politics in grant funding). Although I questioned it, but didn’t throw the towel in, the Universe continues to deliver both hurdles and open doors.

Is that not life in general?

Just when I thought my only option would be to edit the documentary on my own (something I can do but prefer not, given the time constraint), I receive an unexpected email from one Carolyn, one of the participants in my project, as well as a professional model. Her subject read…

“I want to host a fundraiser for you.”

Carolyn explained she would organize a Bald Model Runway Show in which all proceeds will be donated towards my film. I thought to myself, Wow, this is great! And casually asked what I can do to help.

It still didn’t hit me at that point.

It wasn’t until I attended the planning meeting in December, with a room full of other professionals, all volunteering their time to coordinate the runway show, did I realize the magnitude of Carolyn’s beyond kind-hearted gesture.

It’s kind of crazy that I’ve become so accustomed to giving that when I receive, I have to think it through before I accept. Welcoming the gift of receiving is a much needed change.

I think Carolyn’s generous offer materialized right on time for the New Year. On time for my switch from New Year Resolutions to short and long term goals. On time for my surrender for the need to control every aspect of my life and instead focus on going with the flow (not so hard for a Pisces but definitely challenging as a business owner :).

And as I submerge myself in the journey, I trust that the Universe will always deliver what I need. I avoid the urge to run to the finish line. Strolling and catching the breeze isn’t so bad after all. [For the times I’ll need to run, I’ll simply adjust my stride]

One last note… it’s exciting to see I Am More Than My Hair coffee table book come into fruition. It’s in the second draft stage, with design and editing. The next stage, will be the 3rd draft. Then comes the final draft before production (printing).

Here’s a sneak peak of a few excerpts…

more than my hair-excerpts

I am still raising funds for my project and your support is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to contribute, please visit my fiscal sponsors page by clicking this link.

On another note…

Goddess cover

I am honored to be a contributing writer in Goddess: When She Rules

This is the fourth anthology to emerge from the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project. Contributors to this volume share moving personal stories, reflections and poetry exploring and defining the role the goddess plays in each of their lives. Through diverse and evolving relationships with archetypal goddesses, mythical goddesses and the inner goddesses they identify with most, women reveal when and how they feel intimately connected with the sacred feminine.

Purchase your copy.