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My parents, especially my father, used to tell me and my brothers about the various folklore of Trinidad and Tobago. Douen was one of the stories that stuck because the thought alone was horrifying. My mom would put a blanket over her head and act like a ghost.

I am excited to write and direct my second horror film “Douen“, based on the folklore!

Douen Movie Poster

Douen” is a horror film short that follows a woman that comes face-to-face with the collision of her dreams and reality, as she and her sister are haunted by the ghostly creatures. In the end, the storyteller teaches her grandchildren a lesson. Don’t respond if they call your name.

Douen” was created for Women of Color Filmmakers (WOCF) Fall Film Lab. See it on November 19, 2021, at 5:30pm PST (8:30pm EST) at WOCF Anniversary Gala

Purchase Virtual Tickets – $10

New Film Awards

I Am More Than My Hair was selected in Toronto Black Film Festival 2022. The festival takes place February 9 – 14, 2022.

I Am More Than My Hair was also selected in Women Of The Lens Film Festival 2021. The festival has been reschedule to March 2022.

I’m teaming up with American Express for their #Amex100for100 program!

Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

Several weeks ago, I received an email from iFundWomen with the subject line, “You’re in consideration for an American Express • IFundWomen Debut Program.”

I wasn’t aware of the details or the amount, but I was so excited. I have been hard at work applying for public and private foundation grants to help cover the cost of my upcoming exhibition.

The iFundWomen of Color and American Express team organized a Zoom meeting to discuss the details, which took place in late October. After briefly talking about my goals for Her House Media (previously AC Media), I heard something like…

You are actually not in consideration. You won the “100 for 100” Program grant.

In the feeling of gratefulness, I shed tears of joy… and relief. I thought to myself…

I can really do this.

My grand idea…

I had an idea to make my exhibition in March 2021, accessible for visitors with visual and hearing disabilities. The largest expense being the conversion of 2D photographs into 3D and adding audio description of my portraits from I Am More Than My Hair book. It’s a $35,000+ expense, as compared to $3,000 to $5,000.

Yes, you read that right!

It cost over $35,000 to create an accessible exhibition. And that’s the lower end of the scale. But it all worth it, to make my exhibition accessible for all to feel included.

To give some background…

American Express created “ 100 for 100 ” in partnership with IFundWomen of Color , the leading platform for women of color to raise capital, to support Black women entrepreneurs as they work to jump start and grow their business ventures. The program will provide each of the 100 women with grants of $25,000 and 100 days of business resources, including business education, mentorship, marketing, virtual networking, WorkSpaces by Hilton hotel reservation credits and more. The initiative is part of American Express’ recently announced $1 billion action plan to enhance diverse representation and promote equal opportunities for its colleagues, customers and communities.

To add to the amazing gesture, I returned home last week to beautiful, handpicked gifts from The American Express Team. The custom gifts were all created by Black Women:

It was hard to keep this a secret, but I am beyond grateful for the impact iFundWomen and The American Express Team has created for me and the 99 other business owners in the “100 for 100” Program.

Together, we’re making history. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Trusting the Universe

I’m consciously aware that when life doesn’t flow the way I picture it, I tend to retreat (as I figure out alternative options). For me, those quiet times, helps me to re-cooperate. And although short lived, those moments always brings about great change.

In my previous blog, I shared my frustration with grant funding and the set back incurred due to my slower than expected pace (the politics in grant funding). Although I questioned it, but didn’t throw the towel in, the Universe continues to deliver both hurdles and open doors.

Is that not life in general?

Just when I thought my only option would be to edit the documentary on my own (something I can do but prefer not, given the time constraint), I receive an unexpected email from one Carolyn, one of the participants in my project, as well as a professional model. Her subject read…

“I want to host a fundraiser for you.”

Carolyn explained she would organize a Bald Model Runway Show in which all proceeds will be donated towards my film. I thought to myself, Wow, this is great! And casually asked what I can do to help.

It still didn’t hit me at that point.

It wasn’t until I attended the planning meeting in December, with a room full of other professionals, all volunteering their time to coordinate the runway show, did I realize the magnitude of Carolyn’s beyond kind-hearted gesture.

It’s kind of crazy that I’ve become so accustomed to giving that when I receive, I have to think it through before I accept. Welcoming the gift of receiving is a much needed change.

I think Carolyn’s generous offer materialized right on time for the New Year. On time for my switch from New Year Resolutions to short and long term goals. On time for my surrender for the need to control every aspect of my life and instead focus on going with the flow (not so hard for a Pisces but definitely challenging as a business owner :).

And as I submerge myself in the journey, I trust that the Universe will always deliver what I need. I avoid the urge to run to the finish line. Strolling and catching the breeze isn’t so bad after all. [For the times I’ll need to run, I’ll simply adjust my stride]

One last note… it’s exciting to see I Am More Than My Hair coffee table book come into fruition. It’s in the second draft stage, with design and editing. The next stage, will be the 3rd draft. Then comes the final draft before production (printing).

Here’s a sneak peak of a few excerpts…

more than my hair-excerpts

I am still raising funds for my project and your support is greatly appreciated. If you’d like to contribute, please visit my fiscal sponsors page by clicking this link.

On another note…

Goddess cover

I am honored to be a contributing writer in Goddess: When She Rules

This is the fourth anthology to emerge from the Journey of the Heart Poetry Project. Contributors to this volume share moving personal stories, reflections and poetry exploring and defining the role the goddess plays in each of their lives. Through diverse and evolving relationships with archetypal goddesses, mythical goddesses and the inner goddesses they identify with most, women reveal when and how they feel intimately connected with the sacred feminine.

Purchase your copy.

Media Attention… it’s Bitter Sweet


Since the launch of  my crowdfunding campaign, I’ve been contacted by several major media outlets with hopes to write an article on my project. I followed up to the emails requesting the status of the requested interview articles.

Fortunately, one media contact provided me with honest feedback. She said…

Your campaign is great and we really love what you’re doing, but you haven’t raised enough funds for us to make it “newsworthy”

I was so excited to receive the attention I feel I Am More Than My Hair deserves but I must admit…that moment was bitter sweet. I couldn’t help but think…

Isn’t that what media attention is all about? Raising awareness on news and social media platforms so others can become aware and support?

This is the unfortunate reality of being a “not-so-known” artist.

Regardless, I’m moving forward. Somehow or another I’m going to give birth to this baby because my heart and soul tells me this project (along with past and future projects) is something I was born to give birth to.

For this reason I’m still asking for your support.  PLEASE DONATE, SHARE ON YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES AND ENCOURAGE FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO SO THE SAME! If only 50 people help raise $500 (among their connections), I will reach my goal.

Help me continue to raise awareness of one of our many transitions that the media choose not to discuss.

My project is simply redefines the beauty of female baldness. Here’s the link –

Thanks in advance for your support!


I’m Done Shooting!

After 2+ years, I am happy to announce that I’ve completed the filming and photoshoots for I Am More Than My Hair and I’m excited for what’s ahead!

It’s been a wonderful journey meeting so many different ladies from all walks of life and very different yet similar circumstances. I can’t thank these women enough for taking the time to participate in my project, which would not have been possible without them.

At this point, I’m focusing on fundraising efforts to cover production costs for the film and coffee table book. My next steps are:

  • Launching my crowdfunding campaign on March 15th (just 2 days before my birthday:)
  • Seeking funding through foundations via Docs In Progress (my Fiscal Sponsor)
  • Researching sponsorship opportunities via corporate donors
  • Hosting a private fundraising party during the period of my crowdfunding campaign

Prior to my crowdfunding launch date, I’ll send more details, including my platform of choice and next steps. All I ask is that you please help by making a contribution and share on your social media platforms. (if you’re not a participant). If you participated in my project I ask that you please help by spreading the word.

Thank you for your continued support and I’ll keep you posted!

Nia’s story

Courtney’s story

Jameelah’s story

In Youth We Learn, In Age We Understand

As an adult, and mom, I can’t help but to notice the unquestionable character traits about children that I truly admire.

Children are honest and care free.

Their personalities are actually very similar to that of our elders. In other words, you don’t have to guess how they feel if asked (most times you don’t even have to ask, they’ll tell you), because they won’t hesitate to explain or give you their opinion.

But then again, I’m straight forward, I value authenticity and prefer direct communication. This way you avoid anyone having to second guess your intentions.

For my campaign, I captured video footage of children sharing their message of encouragement for the youth of Keep a Child Alive. The only direction I gave was to “What message would you tell a child, your age, to make her/him feel be happy?”

They didn’t prepare, or think twice…they simply answered to what they felt.

Here’s their response…

Throughout filming for my campaign for Keep a Child Alive I’ve noticed that although the messages come from various individuals, they are interconnected with one another.

Victoria speaks on “Flight”

Nyuma speaks on our “Power”

On World AIDS day, Thursday, December 1, 2016 at 11:59PM, my campaign for Keep a Child Alive ends. It is my hope that you will join me in the support for the youth, and give without expectation by making a monetary contribution towards my campaign.

Thank you for your support!

Natalie’s View of Beauty

For the past few years I’ve been seeking to learn more about my family’s stories, wondering and questioning about their personal thoughts and characteristics. Including those in the midst of transition.

Although little-by-little I am connecting the dots, one thing that have become distinctively clear to me is my yearning to know the stories of people. Given my own experience  with beauty, it’s a topic I tend to focus on but in general understanding the view points and backgrounds of others is incredibly intriguing to me.

Through the process I’ve learned that although our deepest personal experiences shape how we see ourselves and others, we are ALL in the process of learning. We are all on this journey called life simply doing our best to figure things out.

As I continue to work on I Am More Than My Hair and film interview segments, I am also capturing footage of various individuals asking one question.

“What is beauty?”

Natalie tells us her view.

Interested in an interview? Contact me via my website.

I couldn’t stop with the interview. I had to take her picture too.


Out with the old, in with the new!


The older I get the more I realize that starting fresh doesn’t have to start with a new year because every day is a new day. But I must admit that there is something special about the Universal feeling of everyone celebrating together in excitement of what’s to come.

2015 was challenging for me but through it all I’ve grown. For that I am thankful and I look forward to a very Happy 2016! I have great things in the works as well.

I wish you the very best now and always and pray that you remain in the the best of health, feel an abundance of happiness, peace, love and support and all your dreams come true.

Peace & blessings,

Alyscia Cunningham


Interview: “I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”

One Wig Stand

Alyscia Cunningham is a US-based portrait and editorial photographer who recently launched a crowd-funding campaign for “I Am More than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”.

“I Am More than My Hair” is an awareness/social-change photography project that focuses on the beauty of being bald and follows Alyscia’s first book “Feminine Transitions” featuring a series of portraits that reveal the natural beauty of women of diverse ages and backgrounds without make-up on. Alyscia’s work celebrates natural beauty while also inviting us to challenge what beauty – real beauty – means to us, even when hair is lost.

Amy Amy – Photograph from Alyscia Cunningham’s photography book “I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”

We reached out to Alyscia to find out more about her project and share her insight throughout this experience below:

1. In October 2013, you decided to make the cut and…

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