Interview: “I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”

One Wig Stand

Alyscia Cunningham is a US-based portrait and editorial photographer who recently launched a crowd-funding campaign for “I Am More than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”.

“I Am More than My Hair” is an awareness/social-change photography project that focuses on the beauty of being bald and follows Alyscia’s first book “Feminine Transitions” featuring a series of portraits that reveal the natural beauty of women of diverse ages and backgrounds without make-up on. Alyscia’s work celebrates natural beauty while also inviting us to challenge what beauty – real beauty – means to us, even when hair is lost.

Amy Amy – Photograph from Alyscia Cunningham’s photography book “I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me”

We reached out to Alyscia to find out more about her project and share her insight throughout this experience below:

1. In October 2013, you decided to make the cut and…

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2 thoughts on “Interview: “I Am More Than My Hair: Bald and Beautiful Me””

  1. Hi Alyscia! How are you? First, I want to say that I always enjoy your writing. You know how to captivate your audience. The interview you did was awesome sauce!!! What’s so interesting is I wrote in my notes that I wanted to feature you in an upcoming PrayHers newsletter, so when I saw your email featuring you in a blog it was like confirmation:).

    I believe in what you are doing, and would like to shine more light on it. The format would be very similar to what you just shared, but with a little twist. I would like to feature you in the September newsletter. Any thoughts?


    1. Hey Tamara! Thank you for shining light on me. Know that I shine light right back atcha! I love what your doing with PrayHers and said for the longest I would send an email in response to your newslettenewsletters. This is most definitely confirmation that you send me a message. 🙂 I more than welcome the opportunity. Let me know what I can do to help. Peace and blessings! Alyscia

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