Have You Ever Dreamed?

Bubbles Beyond Borders, a global campaign to support the dreams of women around the world, launches on August 16th, 2014.

To become a team leader in your state or province, contact Bubbles Beyond Borders. I will be leading the Maryland Campaign and would love to have many hands.

Join individuals, organisations and activists who will take to the streets on August 16th at 1pm local time to blow bubbles for a powerful purpose – to pledge an action in support of girls and women’s rights and dreams around the world. Why bubbles?

•the right to respect
•the right to an innocent childhood
•the right to an education
•the right to express themselves
•the right to independence
•the right to choose their own partners
•the right to equal pay
•the right to protection under the law
•the right to vote, and participate in government

Please get involved and help us take this to the next level!

You can participate NOW by taking a photo of yourself or your daughter, granddaughter, neice and/or friends blowing bubbles with a short written description of your dreams and post it on Bubbles Beyond Borders.

Please support our work by sharing posts using #bubblesbeyondborders and liking the Facebook page. There is also a list of things you can do to help and a list of ideas for a pledge.

Please share this post with everyone you know!

My Bee Experience

Lately, more than ever, my animal encounters leave me wondering if the meaning is deeper than the surface. In other words, there must be a message connected to my meeting with these animals and insect.

My realization is in no doubt contributed to the interview and conversation I had with Ann Quasman, founder of Woman Talk Live. Ann brought together myself along with Natalie Forest and Mare Cromwell on her show titled “Listen… The Messages Are There for You

The show was simply about the power of messages.

“A nudge.
 The cardinal that shows up on your patio every morning.
The person who calls you just as you are thinking of them.
 The hand you feel on your shoulder when no one is there. 
The energy you feel from a certain place.
 The meeting someone for the first time and feeling you’ve known them for years.
 Hearing just what you need to hear at the perfect time. 
The song on the radio that answers your question.”

These are all signs. Or as I would say, direct messages.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been connected with Spirit. They have in some way or form communicated with me for one of two reasons; To give me a message in order to guide me on the right path (stay focused) or to pass a message on to someone else. This may sound strange to some but for me it’s the norm.

A recent experience literally left me speechless.

I was in my back room enjoying the warmth of the sun while staring out the window (this room has huge windows from corner to corner – the sun room). I happened to look down and noticed a bee on the floor, about a foot in distance from where I was standing. The fuzzy yellow and black texture looked discolored and the little bee looked as if it were dead (looked very dry).

I kneeled down to get a closer look (not sure why but I did). The bee was leaned over to the left side of it’s body facing away from me (about 60 degrees). Within a few seconds this little one stood up then turned abruptly and faced me. Startled in the moment, I jumped back and stood up, thinking to myself “WTH”!

It just stood there, staring at me.

Tempted to flee the scene, as a bee sting was the first thing that came to mind, I made myself calm down. I kneeled down again (at a further distance this time) and stared back at the bee.

As strange as it may sound I got the sense (a message?) that the bee was dieing and wanted to go outside. So, I picked up the cutlass (the closest thing to me that had some length to it) and gently placed it about one inch in front of the bee. To my surprise the bee slowly made it’s way towards the cutlass, walked on it and settled there.

I open the door and placed the bee right next to the ladder beside my door. It walked off the cutlass and climbed onto the ladder but somehow lost strength and fell on top the soil below.

At that point I honestly didn’t know if the bee got up and flew away but by looking at it’s condition, I believe it died transitioned there. Our encounter was just that, but I wondered if there was a meaning to it.

After that experience, I decided to do some research on a possible meaning of my bee experience (I often search on a Native American animal totems site). According to the site my experience with the bee is noteworthy to my life-path.

Bee’s wisdom includes:

  • Connection to the Goddess Diana
  • Understanding female warrior energy
  • Reincarnation
  • Communication with the dead
  • Helping earth-bound spirits move on to their proper place
  • Concentration
  • Prosperity
Close up of yellow flowers.
No bee here but I love the flowers.

I’m not sure who is the Goddess Diana but everything else makes complete sense. With it in mind, I was able to relate with my bee connection. In turn, I am very thankful that the bee and I were able to assist one another during our encounter.

I say all that to say, sometimes the signs are right in front of us. In many cases, very direct. I can go on and on about other encounters, particularly my hawk dreams that eventually turned into real hawks following, circling above me and even flying beside me as I was driving.

Now, I pay more attention as I know the messages are more than meets the eye. That very conversation I had with the wonderful ladies on Woman Talk Live, was a message for me to understand it all. I am truly thankful.