Listen… The Messages Are There for You

Image of Alyscia Cunningham
Alyscia Cunningham

Missed the show? Listen to the recorded conversation now.

Need a sign? This is it–> Tune in this week to find out how messages show up your life, the value of these messages and how they can be a guiding star for you.

Saturday, May 25th, from 6:07-7:00 pm ET on Talkradio 680 WCBM Baltimore or “Listen Live” online

THIS WEEK on Ann Quasman’s WomanTalk Live: “Listen… The Messages Are There for You” – A Conscious Conversations Café Show with Alyscia Cunningham, professional lifestyles photographer and author of Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty, Mare Cromwell author of Messages From Mother and Natalie Forest Self Love Catalyst and the Queen of I.D.E.A.L.

A nudge
The cardinal that shows up on your patio every morning
A shooting star
The person who calls you just as you are thinking of them
The hand you feel on your shoulder when no one is there
A smell or fragrance from out of nowhere
The energy you feel from a certain place
The meeting someone for the first time and feeling you’ve known them for years
Hearing just what you need to hear at the perfect time
The song on the radio that answers your question

Yet, we often say…”I NEED A SIGN!”

Hello? You’ve got ‘em. They are there all the time. But in the rush to get everything done and being blindsided by our “to do” lists, we often ignore the messages or are so busy we can’t even tap into them.

This week in the Conscious Conversations Café, three women are joining me who know how important the messages, the signs and the hunches are. They pay attention to them and know their lives are richer for it:

6:07-7 pm ET every Saturday evening on Talkradio 680 WCBM in Baltimore or Listen to the recording at

Meet Ann Quasman

Image of Ann Quasman
Ann Quasman, Host of WomanTalk Live and Creator of Girls Gone Great and the Conscious Conversations Café

Ann Quasman is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to encourage and facilitate conversations that will help women connect with and rely upon the wisdom within their hearts as much as they do the wisdom within their minds.

As host of WomanTalk Live, Ann brings women everywhere deeper into topics that both inspire and inform. Her unique ability to get to the heart of the issue and to the heart of the woman has made her one of the most respected and loved media personalities in Baltimore, as well as a sought after emcee, speaker, board member and strategic partner to businesses and non-profits. Read more…

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