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A Young Man’s Perspective on Beauty

What do young men truly think about women and beauty? Do they see it the same way we do as women?

For this blog I interviewed Richard “R Milli” Myaing, founder of Menace 2 Society, LLC, an up and coming record label, promotion and marketing company and clothing line. I wanted to get his perspective on what is beautiful when it comes to women.

Before speaking with R Milli, I thought about the numerous times I’ve gone to public restroom at a nightclub, restaurant or event (especially a night club) only to find woman taking time to “powder” or “fix” their faces before returning to the room. All while staring right in front the mirror of course. Can I just wash my hands (I think to myself)?

I honestly don’t comprehend the reasoning behind fixations–literally. Don’t you return to the dance floor only to sweat again? The thought of make-up piled one on top the other does not sound very sanitary or even healthy for your skin for that matter.

Do understand that I AM IN NO WAY against make-up. As I always say, I believe it’s important to love the person staring back at us in the mirror without all the cover up.

On a deeper note, why do women take themselves through this unnecessarily? Are they trying to impress a partner or is it done solely for herself? Are men truly attracted to what they are portraying for that matter?

I also wondered (of course this is not a representation of all) if these women appreciated their natural beauty would they represent themselves differently? Well…they would represent themselves period.

In December 2012, I interviewed Paul C. Brunson, matchmaker, coach and author of It’s Complicated, about what men really want. He said “A man’s upbringing most likely determines what he is attracted to.”

It made complete sense to me and I immediately thought of the men I grew up around and the women they choose to be with.

R Milli gives his opinion on women, beauty and what is attractive to him. Not only were his responses well said, but I found them to be very poetic.

1. What about women is most attractive to you? The most attractive thing about women, to me is what’s behind their image. Mainly their heart and mindset. First Impressions is a strong endeavor, it’s what endures me into proceeding my goals and the main purpose, for which the women alone and the reason why she may have caught my attention in the beginning.

2. What’s your thought about natural beauty? My thoughts about Natural Beauty, is something I tend to take very seriously. “Natural” comes in a selection of different sizes, races, gender and etc. “Natural” is in the eyes of the beholder. Nobody may be able to peep what you see, even if they state it. Since, the birth of an individual (women), ORIGINALITY should be mandatory; you can’t control something that’s permanently done. Hiding natural is just like hiding your roots, your family tree and semi-religion. Picture it this way, God doesn’t like ugly, therefor why would he create it?

My theory: why spend loads of money to recreate a new look for attention? Why can’t people accept you for who you are and not who you try to be? Plentiful years now, a new look comes with a new personality.

3. In my interview with matchmaker and coach, Paul C. Brunson, he said “A man’s upbringing most likely determines what he is attracted to.” Can you relate to this? If so are they any similarities between the women you choose and the women you grew up with? Absolutely, I can relate to that! I was also raised upon a quote “You are whom you associate yourself with”. The main difference between those whom I grew up with vs. those whom I attract, have steadily changed over time. As we grow older we tend to seek outside the box; yet still seek inside. Everybody must remain within their character at all times. It’s kind of hard paying attention to the past; as everybody sprouts out into a society of different emotions. So, I would have to say no as well.

4. Did any male influences in your life speak you about the type of women to choose when you get older? If so, are similarities in those you’ve chosen that those you were schooled about? Of course, during adolescence – still till this day, everyone has their say; I just set their opinion to the side and use it as needed. I’ve developed a mind of my own. I know what to look out for; there’s no need for any advice that may interfere with my lifestyle. The same females they’ve wanted me to lookout for, end up being, the total opposite of whom they seek. Before, I was the type to fall for anything. In which I do in fact regret. I’ll be completely honest; I never cared for one’s personality, as long as they looked decent. That in fact changed my whole life around (Negatively); due to me being seductive partners, with one I had no intentions on being with; after a certain period of time. My advice would be, be careful, perhaps, study one another, before creating a project. If it was meant then proceed with happiness.

5. What are your thoughts on women who absolutely will not leave their home without their make-up/weave? It’s very sensitive in my eyes.  I see depression and dissatisfaction among their true inner self. Me personally, I think it’s pointless and very much, a waste of money. If it’s their friends they’re trying to please, then, maybe its time to re group. Your soul already has an image; no need to add a double layer.

6. In our society do you think men get the same pressure as women to look good? It really depends. Theirs some leaders and some followers. With me being a man, I really like to stand out, just because of who I am. Who knows, perhaps it may be inherited. It’s always been that way for me; allowing me to feel quite proper and enriched.

7. If there is a message you could share with every woman, that will create positive change about her physical appearance, what would it be? My main message would be: Accept each other for who you are. Try being yourself and see who’s really there. Bring forth unity to uplift what’s missing. Act accordingly to your true conscious and inner-soul. Realize, that you’re not here alone. As each day goes by, study yourself and others; understand that lessons are blessings you should learn from.

8. What do you think our society would be like if we were all natural (I call it introducing your representative)? Natural is something you cannot change. If being natural is changed, then it defeats the purpose of being “Us”. Before the invention of cosmetics and any other additional resources, such as, interests of surgery (ways to look better), we were who we were and we had no choice, but, to accept it. Picture life without a mirror. You could only picture else one and not your self; you could only visualize your looks once one defines your traits. Yet again, how are you supposed to know if they’re telling the truth (vice versa)? Thoughts came to mind, I call it the reduction of Triple C’s; society would be very much, less competitive, less commotion and less controversy. Before one speaks we tend analyze and examine ones looks. We as human beings tend to mentally judge individuals, as we just go with the flow.

Richard Myaing in the studio

9. Have your written any songs about this topic? If so, please share it and your inspiration behind creating it. Occasionally, but, no not really. I do sometimes take out a note pad and write down some lyrics here and there or even draw pictures with different shades of grey, symbolizing multiple different meanings tones and themes. — a part of Song 1: “We came long ways from shackles and tabernacles, looks putting us on the line, hiking and prepared to tackle. Understand the power we hold with being natural; visualize our ancestors carrying pounds of pain from buckled satchels. We live and we learn but sometimes it’s to late. Understand ambitions of unity, to be able to feed off the same plate. Why discriminate it’ll get us no where; cold hearts leads us onto a free train of death with no fare.” Song 2: “God please tell me about my personality. Child everything you say and do causes tragedy. Well lord in reality are you really mad at me. Lets see son in actuality, I truly blessed you with your own, now you lack originality”.

Complete the sentence.

A confident woman isone who chases their dream with their head high; one that stands for something and never falls for anything; one that steps over the pebbles and walks around the boulders, proving determination.

True love issatisfaction between the two partners: Loyalty, Caring, Happiness, Motivation and the list may go on forever.

If I have a little girl I wish for her to become successful and an outstanding brightened future; with those whom are optimistic with life. Also, to overcome her fear of being who she is and not who she tries to be; not just because, others are being happy. Not everything is for everybody!

My ideal woman isone that is worth being with; one, who is serious and has a dream and wouldn’t mind …helping me get back on track if I tend to slack off; one, who is satisfied with herself and I; one that’s organized and understand the difference between proper assets vs. the liabilities, to benefit our future.

When I think of radiance I think of enlightenment. Somebody that stands out and respect herself along with others; being sophisticated and outgoing from sunlight down to night fall.

A woman is.pretty simple. Every girl, that respects her priorities, gave up on the old her and develop a smooth, a more mature transition into becoming something positively new; with a highly new self esteem and perspective on life is considered a woman; but, not all. So, it really varies on who she is.

Get to know Richard “R Milli” Myaing

R Milli, born April 26, 1994 in Silver Spring, MD is inspired by many. He came from a slightly-rough beginning, due to many personal issues. He then linked up with a few of his past resources & references…those he felt would be a huge benefit for him and his movement in the long run… which they’ve decided to take part within “the movement”. From there on out he started working hard, preceding his dreams, soon into becoming one of the biggest entrepreneurs in history. Richard is as an individual, self-learner and quite a thinker and less of a talker. He basically taught himself almost everything he knew, by what he’d seen visually.

Most of what R Milli seen didn’t make much sense to him. Therefore, he developed an imagination and flipped it around to produce something even better, making his style mainly unique and original.

R Milli attended Eastern Shore Community College to better his skills. He majored in Business Management and Music with a minor in Graphic Design. Having something to fall back on, he managed to only complete 3 Semesters due to his theory; If you go to school (College mainly) the government is primarily giving you options and limited opportunities, on what to become in today’s society.

R Milli says, “EDUCATION IS VERY IMPORTANT!!! (Un-Hypocritical statement). I’m just a strong believer in you can do anything if you just put your mind to it!”

About “MENACE”

Slogan – “A negative society with the positive endeavor for change in the voice of the people”

Elaborated – now a days with society being so negative and cold; we are the influences to help spread positive endeavors to make a positive change!

Menace 2 Society gear

We as a team really appreciate all the love and support. Know that it’s within our destiny to overcome every obstacle and become what we have planned since the birth of Menace 2 Society, LLC. “We as a team DO NOT do it for ourselves. We do it for “Our Generation!”

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