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Let’s Talk BIPOC Women Creatives in Film”, a self renowned project to teach BIPOC female filmmakers the ropes to funding their ideas for filmmaking projects in the one hour virtual introduction to funding film projects. Tickets are $25.

I have a long history of successfully navigating the film industry with over 8-years of experience earning over $70,000 in funding to tell stories from a Black female creator’s perspective. I have used the funding to create my award-winning project, “I Am More Than My Hair”, which has been featured in HuffPost, ABC 7, Cosmopolitan, and several other media outlets. The project required an approximate $40,000 to execute, and thanks to funding resources like, IFundWomen of Color, American Express, and Women In Film and Television, I was able to place my film in over 20 film festivals, ultimately landing my project in a 6-month long solo exhibition at the a local Museum.

To date, there are less than 8 percent of African American filmmakers, according to McKinsey and Company. Of note, of the 1,200 top grossing films released between 2007 and 2018, only nine were directed by women of color, with no noticeable change over time: five were directed by African American women, three by Asian women, and one by a Latina. Research shows that the barriers of diverse talent in film and television equate to economic fallout and are currently facing a lack of solutions for creating a more equitable, and inclusive workspace. About 92% of the film industry is led by 92 percent white film executives. On average, a film production cost over $250,000.

I have a passion for changing the narrative and want to start by helping other BIPOC women to tell stories from their own lens.

The event is scheduled to begin at 12:00pm on March 31, 2022. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit Eventbrite.