A Young Man’s Perspective on Beauty

Alyscia Cunningham

What do young men truly think about women and beauty? Do they see it the same way we do as women?

For this blog I interviewed Richard “R Milli” Myaing, founder of Menace 2 Society, LLC, an up and coming record label, promotion and marketing company and clothing line. I wanted to get his perspective on what is beautiful when it comes to women.

Before speaking with R Milli, I thought about the numerous times I’ve gone to public restroom at a nightclub, restaurant or event (especially a night club) only to find woman taking time to “powder” or “fix” their faces before returning to the room. All while staring right in front the mirror of course. Can I just wash my hands (I think to myself)?

I honestly don’t comprehend the reasoning behind fixations–literally. Don’t you return to the dance floor only to sweat again? The thought of…

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