ZuriWorks Big Chop event flyer

I’m Cutting It Off!

Yes, you read it right. I’m cutting my hair completely off, for the first time in my life.

I’ve cut my hair lower many times but this will be the first time I’m doing the “Big Chop“.

To be honest, I’ve wanted to cut my hair for a few years. Despite the constant headaches and head colds after going swimming (the thickness of my hair makes drying time much longer) I continued to hold onto to it. Then had to remember I AM NOT MY HAIR.

I’m too attached and I truly want to let it go.

For the first time, I experienced fear and doubt about me. Saying quietly to myself, or in my mind, I wonder how I’ll look without my hair?  Very similar to the feelings of the women in my book, Feminine Transitions, having a difficult time being photographed without make-up. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is not as easy as I thought.

Although it’s a different situation, the idea is similar and I now understood the feelings these women experienced.

Nonetheless, I’m looking forward to a fresh start. Fifteen years of locks shed from by body.

Portrait of Alyscia Cunningham
Alyscia Cunningham

It helps that Michelle Obama’s hair stylist, Mr. Johnny Wright, will be cutting my hair. Not to the mention, The Big Chop to Stop Cancer benefits ZuriWorks’ Exposures Project, an expressive photography program and traveling photo exhibition shot by Kea Taylor and breast cancer survivors. The program provides a rare glimpse into the lives of cancer survivors whose stories would otherwise go untold. To learn more about and support the program visit ZuriWorks.org.

It only feels right that I’m not only doing it for self-gratification, but I am also helping and organization that helps others.

If your in the DMV area please show your support and RSVP here. Event to be held on Thursday, Oct. 24th, 6pm-9pm at 1133 15th St NW, Washington, D.C.

Know someone willing to do the Big Chop?  Please let forward this information.

Not in the DMV area? It’s ok, you can still make a donation. Only 4 days to help make ZuriWorks crowd funding campaign successful. Help by making a contribution today.

On another note I’m going to San Diego, CA! Read more…

6 thoughts on “I’m Cutting It Off!”

  1. Alyscia, just told Desric you were cutting your hair. All I can say is that it is truly a transition. When I decided to lock my hair three years ago, as I worked for major department store I too felt unsure about my new hair being accepted, but it worked. We are not our hair

    1. Hi Ms. Erica! Yeah I think we get so attached to our hair. When I realized that, I immediately changed my mind to go ahead and cut it. Plus I’m looking forward to joining the swim team again. Thanks for sharing your story! I’ll be sure to post pics. Getting ready to email you.

  2. What a beautiful reason to lop off that beautiful hair of your’s, Alyscia! It does take a lot of courage to make a drastic change like this, but it’s also very freeing once you’ve done it. I applaud you, sister!

  3. Alycia, it is a good cause but wait until after your book signing party because everyone knows you like this now. However I am a retired hairdresser and hair was my living so leave some on not just bald.

  4. Hi Evelyn! I understand what you mean, many have said the same. My take is I want people to know me with my new cut rather than see me with it now then don’t recognize me after. I’m honesty not attached to it. Just want a change and I’m ready for it. Thanks for your take though!

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