A model at Metamorphosis Fashion Show

My Daughter Has Skills

I am very proud to announce that my daughter, Serenity,  is the 1st place winner of FotoWeek DC Youth Photo Contest. She put it out in the Universe that she was going to win the prize of a $100 digital camera. I say it’s well deserved.

A model at Metamorphosis Fashion Show
A model at Metamorphosis Fashion Show

Her prize winning photograph is placed above but I’m also sharing the other images she submitted below.

Picture of trees outside my window.
What I saw through my living room window

Serenity’s creativity is versatile and I knew she took to the gene of an artist when she was a baby. She would use a crayon and scribble the prettiest colors and patterns. Unfortunately, my wall was her canvas. Once she got a little older I did purchase an easel  then a Vtech digital camera for her.

Baby with glasses
Baby with sunglasses

All images were shot with her kiddie camera. I say has definitely inherited the artist gene. Congrats to my beautiful and talented 2nd grader!

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